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Tutorial 7 - Advanced Pivot Table Options

In this tutorial, we will take a sort of tour of different ways to manipulate a pivot table to get your data into a configuration that is useful to you. The start file will consist of a table of dummy sales data that we will play with in a variety of ways.

The text of this tutorial will be minimal and just list the tasks that we will go over and a brief description of the task. The video above will be more comprehensive and walk you through each task step by step.


  1. Download the Start File
  2. You will see two sheets. We will start with the Customers sheet.
  3. Follow along in the video to see all of the different ways we will use these data to create pivot tables. Below is a list of tasks:
    1. Adding a timeline
    2. A hidden pivot table to create a slicer.
    3. A pivot table to show the top salespeople.
    4. Alternate ways to format pivot tables for reports.
    5. Calculate the percent change from month to month and year to year.
  4. In the second sheet, we will explore these tools and workflows:
    1. Create a multi-report workflow
    2. Create a new pivot table and add data bars.
    3. Calculate difference between two months of data and add custom number formatting.

You are going to generate a lot of sheets in this file. And that’s fine. Just be cautious and deliberate about how you label sheets, tables, and pivot tables and you’ll be fine. You can also just do exactly as the video shows and that will work as well. Remember that when you’re working on your own projects for work or pleasure, that you should be mindful of sheet names so you don’t get mixed up yourself.

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