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Project 1 - Building a Flyer

Before completing this project, ensure that you have completed the formatting tutorials:


For this tutorial, your job is to create your own flyer, newsletter, or other image-featuring document in Microsoft Word. This time, it is your job to generate all the content and source all the images.

As discussed in the tutorial, building an eye-catching, effective flyer or newsletter in Word is quite simple. It should catch the reader’s eye, be easy to read, and have some way of attracting a person closer to read the fine print. Images should be used to accentuate your points without overwhelming or confusing the issue.

Your task is to generate your own flyer or newsletter for a fictional event, sale, or informative lesson. Some possible inspiration:

  • A lost pet
  • A found pet
  • A garage sale
  • Some object(s) for sale
  • A party or cultural event
  • An informative public service announcement


The content and styling are totally up to you. Be as creative as you wish. But it must have the following features:

  • More than one image, some or all with styles applied.
  • Appropriately sized fonts, other than the defaults, but legible.
    • Use Word Art or other text effects as you wish.
  • You must use both text colors and shading somewhere in the flyer
  • You must have margins set appropriate to the content.
  • You must use other appropriate styling to make the text stand out. Include bold, italic, underlines, or other text effects.
  • Even if it’s silly, no low-effort submissions. Make it look as though you are genuinely trying to sell the subject.

Other considerations

  • Consider using theme colors so that you can apply different themes to see how it changes your document.
  • Keep it tasteful. Too much clutter on a flyer can turn people away.
  • Have enough information that a person can react appropriately (such as including contact information).

Refer to the examples if you are interested in some ideas

Submit your final document to Canvas as normal.

Copyright © 2015-2020 Eric Kuha. Distributed by an MIT license.